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Facts of the Matter: Lubricating grease starts with oil and ...

Lubricating grease is a type of semisolid lubricant used in applications that cannot retain a continuous supply of oil, such as in open bearings or gears. Although most lubricating greases start ...

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The first step for producing environment-friendly greases is to replace vegetable oils with mineral oil, which is the main component of lubricant formulation (with 70%–95% share in the formulation). Nevertheless, a grease is completely biodegradable only when the thickener agents are biodegradable in addition to the oil phase.

Lubricating oil or grease needs to be determined by gearbox's ...

First. What kind of lubricant oil or grease is used for different industrial gearbox. 1. The foot-mounted cycloidal gear reducer adopts oil pool lubrication under normal conditions, and the oil level can be kept in the middle of the oil sight window. When the working conditions are harsh and the environment temperature is high, circulating lubrication can be used.

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However, the oil absorbs the water and over time it will lower its adhesion and wash off the parts that needed lubrication in the first place. Grease is made by mixing oil, a thickener, (usually a lithium-based soap) and at times additional lubricants, like PTFE (Teflon). Due to how it’s made, it has the same lubricating properties as oil.

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Lubricating grease contains base oil stock (70 to 95%) and additives (0 to 10%), but also a thickener (3 to 30%). The thickener is the key difference with oil . The base oil - typically mineral or synthetic -controls the properties of the grease.

The History of Lubrication

The History of Lubrication. Jim Fitch, Noria Corporation. In the beginning, man invented machines. One of the first machines, and perhaps the most celebrated invention of all time, was the cart or wagon incorporating the wheel. This was soon followed by a chariot. Examples of early chariots were found in the tombs of Yuaa and Thuiu in Egypt ...